Post Natal Home Visits

Building a strong core and pelvic floor is essential to rehabilitating the body after childbirth but, sometimes, the thought of committing to leaving the house at a set time each week can be daunting.We never know how we will feel the next day if we have been up all night with the baby etc. But also, we may not feel that we are strong enough to attend group classes yet…even with other new mums.

This is where our specialised Home Visit program comes into play. We come to YOU, at your home, and focus on you and your health/fitness/rehab for a whole hour.

We not NOT care if you have not done your hair, the house is untidy or you are still in your dressing gown…..we only care about YOU!

You are free to attend to your baby during our session and there is no need to arrange childcare for any older children.

6 weekly Home Visits, 45 mins-1 hour duration.

So, if you are experiencing ‘sneeze – wee’, feel week in the core or pelvic floor or just want to make sure that you are returning to exercise the correct way, contact Kari for more information on 0433 763 367