Reformer Pilates

Level 1 = Beginners

This class is suitable for all those who are new to Pilates or returning after a break. The basic techniques of Classical Pilates are explained and practiced while using the reformer machines to increase strength, flexibility and balance. We recommend to complete a few of our Beginner Pilates sessions prior to moving on to our Level 2 classes. Always check with your Instructors if you are not sure.

Level 2 = Intermediate

More of a ‘step-up’ than Level 1. Ideally for those who have the basic understanding of the Pilates method and don’t require alllllll the info given in Level 1. It will be assumed that you have the basic control and activation required and are wanting to build on that. After 6 months of regular classes (at RICHMOND PILATES) most of you are in the Level 2 zone.

Level 3 = Advanced

This session is for those who have been participating in Pilates classes for a while, have passed a certain skill standard and been approved to progress to the Intermediate level. The class is more of a workshop with less breaks and more challenging movements and balances. There are also less instructions on the basic moves and body positions as it is assumed that you have mastered these in the Beginners classes. All participants are to be approved prior to booking this session type. Those new to Pilates would be better to enrol in our Beginners Pilates classes.

Level 1 & 2 = Mixed Levels

This class is suitable for ALL participants regardless of how long you have been participating in Pilates. We will modify the movements as required depending upon the individual’s skill level.


While we have no issue with our regular clients continuing with our usual Pilates sessions for as long as they feel they can, we also offer a specialised session for soon-to-be and new Mums. During these sessions we can focus on the movements and exercises which will benefit you most during labour and after your baby is born.  Our pregnancy specific sessions are run as a course for 8 weeks at a set time and day each week.

Post Natal – Home Visits

Richmond Pilates offers a Home Visit program for all our new Mums in preparation for returning to the studio. Each week we come to you, in your home, to help you restore your core and pelvic floor.  This is a post-pregnancy specific program for those who are not ready to return to group classes or those who find that the commitment to leaving the house for a group class is just too overwhelming.

Abs, core and pelvic floor movements tailored to your individual needs, in the comfort of your own home.

Some days, leaving the house with your newborn might seem impossible. We are here to help.
No need to change clothes or clean the house, we understand
how hectic life can be as a new mother.
All you need to supply is a cushion and yoga mat or comfortable rug.

Do you “sneeze wee” or experience “drops when you cough”? Are your muscles still recovering their pre-baby strength?

Our functional Pilates and Pelvic Floor Restoration movements can improve:

  • pelvic floor strength
  • posture
  • alignment
  • core strength

Please contact Kari on 0433 763 367 for more information.

Solo Sessions

Not a fan of group classes? Feel you need a more personalised service? Contact Kari on 0433 763 367 to arrange a Solo session. During these sessions, we utilise the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and Mat to give you a program especially for you. You can book one session or many, it’s totally up to you.