Reformer Pilates


This class is suitable for all those who are new to Pilates or returning after a break. The basic techniques of Classical Pilates are explained and practiced while using the reformer machines to increase strength, flexibility and balance. We recommend to complete a few of our Beginner Pilates sessions prior to moving on to our Fitness Reformer – Intermediate classes. Always check with your Instructors if you are not sure.


This session is only for those who have been participating in Pilates classes for a while, have passed a certain skill standard and been approved to progress to the Intermediate level. The class is more of a workshop with less breaks and more challenging movements and balances. There are also less instructions on the basic moves and body positions as it is assumed that you have mastered these in the Beginners classes. All participants are to be approved prior to booking this session type.  Those new to Pilates would be better to enrol in our Beginners Pilates classes.

Mixed Levels

This class is a fitness Pilates session using the reformers. It is suitable for all clients of different fitness levels and Pilates knowledge. It is a great way to learn the fundamentals of the Pilates techniques and to build on existing abilities. Our group classes are for a maximum of 8 people.

Lunchtime Express

This is a shorter class (reformer) of 40 minutes designed for those who enjoy a lunchtime workout.  However, if all those participating in the session do not need to rush off the class will be extended to the usual 50 mins duration.
All our classical Pilates principles still apply.  To book into this class, select the the day and time from the schedule listing.

Mat/Floor Pilates

Joseph Pilates originally devised his exercise program on the floor.  No apparatus or props, just using body weight and breath to assist with the particular way of moving.

Based on the original 34 exercises, our Mat classes teach you how to strengthen your body while gaining control and fluidity.

You may be surprised by how the authentic floor Pilates routine challenges your whole body.

Suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility.

Pre and Post Natal

While we have no issue with our regular clients continuing with our usual Pilates sessions for as long as they feel they can, we also offer a specialised session for soon-to-be and new Mums.  During these sessions we can focus on the movements and exercises which will benefit you most during labour and after your baby is born.  Please see our timetable for availability.

Slow and Steady

These sessions are designed for those who may be returning to exercise after a period of inactivity or those who are starting to exercise for the first time.  The sessions will be a mix of floor Pilates and reformer work.  As the name suggests, the classes will be slow and consistent while challenging you to move outside of your emotional comfort zone.

Specialised Stretch Sessions

We all love a good stretch, right?  But are we doing it correctly? There are many bad habits out there and lots of misinformation about how to stretch.  Come along to our stretch sessions and we will teach you the correct positioning to release the fascia, control the stretch and support your joints.

Monday before Cup Day

6pm and 7pm as per usual

Cup Day, Tues 5th

Only one session for the day so book in quick

10am Mixed Levels Session

(no evening sessions)

Level 1, 458 Bridge Road, Richmond