December 14th – New Years Resolution Sale

December 14, 2020

It’s nearly Christmas!

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Hello Pilates People,
Well, what a crazy couple of weeks!  It feels like as soon as we get up and running, we have to pause again for Christmas.
I do love Christmas time though and I am so excited to have my family all (well, almost all) together for a day of crazy Christmas fun and overeating.

As you know, I recently requested some help with deciding which days the studio should close over the holiday period.  If you completed the survey, THANK YOU, it was a tremendous help.  The main decision to be made was whether we would be open the first week of January 2021, and the responses were coming in at approximately 50/50…….but then we were informed that Bridge Road will be CLOSED from the river up to Church St for two whole weeks (Jan 2nd – Jan 16th).  During this time they will be creating significant noise as they replace the tram tracks and repair the road (working 24/7 at excessive noise levels).  So, I decided that we will take off the first week of January 2021 and hope that by the second week they have moved further up the road towards Church st.

Christmas Timetable
Up to and including Wednesday 23rd December – Classes as per schedule
Thursday 24th December – Closed
Monday 11th January – ReOpen with Pre-Covid timetable

Did you know that hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is a fear of long words?
As the saying goes “A change is as good as a holiday” and we all know that holidays haven’t happened for a long time!  To keep you on your toes (not literally!!  For the sake of your pelvic floor health, don’t do that) the timetable will be changing in January.  As there will be more people returning to the workplace, the times will be reverting to the earlier start in the morning and later start in the evenings.  Please check the timetable below for clarification.  We will also be returning to the pre-covid way of providing classes according to experience and skill level.  Therefore the classes will be sectioned into Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.Level 1

– Think of this as the beginner level. There will be full explanations of each exercise/movement and demonstrations to help you.  While anyone can attend these sessions, as they will give you the foundation of the Pilates method, they are more geared toward those starting their Pilates routine or those practicing for under 6-8 months.  (and by that I mean starting an AUTHENTIC Pilates routine rather than the fast moving bootcamp style sessions offered elsewhere)Level 2 – More of a ‘step-up’ than Level 1.  Ideally for those who have the basic understanding of the Pilates method and don’t require alllllll the info given in Level 1.  It will be assumed that you have the basic control and activation required and are wanting to build on that. After 6 months of regular classes most of you are in the Level 2 zone.

Level 3 – You need to be approved for this session as it is purely for those who are at an advanced stage of their Pilates practice.  We work on inversions and dismounts, and practice exercises/movements which require a solid knowledge and activation of core strength and stability.  This session is not suitable for those requiring modifications due to injuries etc.  Due to this, if you book into this session without being ‘approved’ I will contact you to reschedule your class.  If, prior to the covid closure, you were approved for the ‘Intermediate’ sessions then you are automatically approved for Level 3 now.

Level 1& 2 – Just as it says… it will be a class suitable to everyone (including Level 3)

Pregnancy – I don’t really need to explain this session, do I?  hahaha

Solo sessions – Private sessions for you, alone or with a friend, where we an focus on your specific needs, complete a postural assessment and discuss what you need to work on the help strengthen and align your body.  OR… you may just want exactly what happens within a class but without other people there.

Post Natal Home Visits – A specific program for mums who feel they need help strengthening their core and pelvic floor.  I work with women from 4 weeks postpartum onwards and, while its not specifically Pilates, we have a lot of success in reducing the symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (sneeze wee, pressure, lack of strength).

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Are we holding our annual
New Year Resolution Sale???
As of Boxing Day, December 26th, we will have 15% off our Bronze (5), Silver (10) and Gold (20) packs.
You can purchase as many packs as you like, but BEWARE
We already have over-generous expiry dates on our packs so it is up to you to get into a routine and ensure that the sessions are all used within that time.Sale will only be available from Dec 26th – Jan 3rd and will not be extended.
What’s the bad news, Kari?
Well, I am glad you asked!  The bad news is that for the first time in the history of Richmond Pilates, the cost of the packs will be increasing as of January 4th 2021.
Don’t worry, it will not be a huge hike in cost but will be an increase nonetheless.Also, the pack expiry dates have usually been a quite flexible, but Pilates is a method, a process, and should be practiced regularly so you can reap the rewards.  You wouldn’t attend a weight training session once every couple of weeks and expect a change in muscle definition, would you?  And Pilates is the same, probably even more so.  To feel and see the benefit of Pilates the recommended practice is twice a week.  That being said, those who attend consistently once a week also benefit, it just takes a little longer.  Attempting to strengthen your core or alignment by coming in sporadically or inconsistently won’t work.

The expiry dates are there to help prompt you into establishing a routine. so, from now on, there will be a firm date with no extensions  (unless there are extenuating circumstances).
Check your pack when purchasing so you don’t get caught out.

Well, there you go!  Herein concludes yet another well crafted and articulate newsletter from yours-truly.😜 🤪😜 😜 🤪 (don’t worry…I am just entertaining myself)

BTW….these emails are my way of communicating with you all.  You agreed to the studio’s Terms & Conditions when signing up which includes accepting these emails.  You are welcome to ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of this email but you will then miss out on all the latest news from me….and I am an absolute DELIGHT so why would you want to do that??

I’ll pop back into your inbox just before Christmas but in the meantime I look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.

Happy Hundreds💯