2020 August


August 24, 2020

Over half way there….well, kinda…

Hello everyone,
I’m not gonna lie…I get a little excited when someone points out that we (potentially) are half way through the Stage 4 restrictions BUT… unfortunately, even once we progress to Stage 3, we still won’t be allowed to reopen.😫 I have joined the movement to get Pilates studios re-catagorised, as we are able to monitor temperatures, apply with social distancing and wear gloves and masks (if required).  We feel that we are able to provide a clean, safe environment for our patrons much more easily than, say, a cafe for example. So, I’ll let you know if we get any result from that.

How are you going?  Or should I say.. How is your body feeling?
Last email I chatted about how to walk using the more effective muscles of our hips and butt and how to allow your foot to follow through behind you, and to push off with that foot from there.  So, today, I want to chat to you about your choice in footwear.  To be honest, if you are at home, there really isn’t any need to wear shoes.  Shoes have become the cast or sling which inhibits the foot from moving and restricts it from doing what it was made to do.  Sure, its cold, so you may want to wear socks etc, but if you can choose to go bare foot as often as you can your feet will start to take control and do what they are supposed to do.

What ARE they supposed to do, I hear you ask? GOOD QUESTION!  You may not know that each foot is made up of 26 bones.  26 BONES!!  That means that a quarter of all the bones in the body are in your little foot!  These bones form 33 joints – joints are meant to MOVE.  Maybe not a lot, but they are meant to move….otherwise we would just have one big solid bone like a brick which clomps around.  Okay…enough of the anatomy lesson!  Before shoes were invented we were hunters and gatherers out in the bush and the foot was capable of maneuvering over rocks, sticks and uneven ground.  Somewhere along the line, we started to feel pain in our heels (for example) so rather than correcting the way we walk – working on our alignment- we (or should I say Nike/Adidas/New Balance etc) added more and more padding and cushioning, and restricted the foot from moving as it was meant to.  We, effectively, put it in sling and stopped it from working.  Very much like when you have a damaged shoulder, you wear a sling so to restrict it’s movement for a couple of weeks, but you wouldn’t wear it forever, would you?  Of course not!  So why have you put your foot in a sling forever?
When choosing shoes, aim for a shoe with ZERO heel lift.  They aren’t easy to find – your sneakers have a heel, trust me.  Also look for a wide toe box and a flexible sole so your feet can move.
So, what do feet and shoes have to do with Pilates?  🦶🏼Well, that’s another GOOD QUESTION!  To me, Pilates is not an activity you do while in the studio and then walk out and forget it.  It is a way of changing our habits and alignment to help us feel stronger, more capable and more energetic, not just today but tomorrow and beyond.
Thank you for indulging me on my foot tangent there….I’ll stop now.
#putyourbarefootforward #barefootbestfoot

Online Pilates
Don’t forget that we are still running our online Mat Pilates sessions.  Tuesday and Thursday 9.15am & 12.45pm and Saturday 9.15am
For every two sessions you attend, one session will be returned to your pack -making each session half the cost of an in-studio visit.

Happy Hundreds 100!!!



August 3, 2020

Hello everyone,

No doubt you have heard about the new ‘Stage 4 – State of Disaster and what that means for us.  Whilst some of us will be reeling from the recent news of further restrictions, others may be taking it all in their stride. So, I want to put it out there again and let you know that I am always here if you would like to chat.  You are more than welcome to call, video call, text, email, friend me on Facebook (personal account), or any other means of communication you can think of.
We all need to look after ourselves during this awful time and chatting with someone can be a great way to reduce some stress.  So, please, do not hesitate to get in contact with me. xx


Have you been walking?

The new time limits do not need to deter you from getting outside (fully masked) and going to a invigorating walk.  I have always said that ‘any movement is better than no movement’ however, when we aim to move more effectively we can start to correct some issues which may be holding us back from gaining full strength and/or creating some niggling pains.

So, when you are out on you walk, see if you can think about a few things.

  • Take a glance at your reflection in the shop window. Are you walking with your chest popped forward? Your bottom sticking out?  Try to correct this by adopting the neutral spine/pelvis position (surely you remember that from how much I harp on about in in the studio!  😋)
  • When you place each foot on the ground can you feel that you are heavier on the outside of your heel?  Or do you roll your foot into the arch? Do your toes play a part in your walking?  Again, attempt to correct any uneven placement you can identify by placing your foot evenly on the ground heel first (not too heavily – don’t plonk it down) and roll through your foot until the toes push you forward.
  • Do you walk with your knees or your bum?  Sounds weird, huh?  But many people walk with their legs out in front of them and then bend and straighten their knees.  To walk more effectively and to use the muscles of your body as they were intended, it is better to use what we call ‘positive push off’. You do this by allowing your foot to travel behind you (having rolled from the heel to the toes). This will then activate your gluteal muscles (ya bum!), add mobility to your feet and help align the pelvis into a neutral position for optimal comfort and effective movement.


Have you been productive during ISO 2.0?
If you have an iPhone (not sure about the others) you can receive a weekly report telling you the average time you spend on the phone in a day.  Last week mine said that I was averaging 7 hours a day on my phone……7 HOURS!!  That’s ridiculous! I’ll admit that I have been calling and facetiming my kids and family a lot more frequently, but 7 hours on the phone a day is just nuts!  SOOOO….. I decided to do something about it and I have taken up knitting!🧶
I am only attempting a scarf 🧣as I have never completed a knitting project in my life!  I have combined two different colours of wool (teal and grey) and using both at once to add a little bit of contrast.  Hopefully, this will keep me off my phone more often and give me some satisfaction on completion.

I would love to see and hear about what you have been up to in ISO 2.0.  Flick me an email, DM, text etc to show me.

Do you like my mask??
👄It’s a little creepy, isn’t it?  It certainly does give me a few strange looks while I’m out walking but to be honest, I am not sure if it is my mask or the vest I’m wearing which causes concern.  The mask is just a little bit of fun but the vest has pockets which hold individual weights of 1.1 kilos each.  When fully loaded it adds 9.9 kilos to my body-weight forcing me to work harder whilst walking and making me concentrate on my alignment and posture.


Online Mat Pilates

Don’t forget that we are meeting online for some Mat Pilates classes.  It has been great seeing everyone progress and get the hang of the Mat method.
So, jump online and check out the BOOKINGS tab to see the timetable and book your place.
Quick note – next Tuesday August 11th there will only be the 9.15am session available as I will be attending a professional development workshop via video conference.


Stay safe everyone…and remember, I am here to chat if you’d like to contact me, so don’t hold back.


Happy Hundreds 100!!!


Ph 0433 763 367