Easter Newsletter 2018

March 29, 2018

It’s Nearly Easter!

How did THAT happen?  Wasn’t it Christmas just last week?

We will be closed on Good Friday but will have our usual 9am and 10am sessions running on Saturday.  We will also have our usual classes on Easter Monday as these are evening sessions and may still be convenient for some people.

However, we do have minimum numbers to proceed, so if there are cancellations throughout the day we will let all those left in the booking know if the session will not continue.

New faces

Many of you have met Jade over the last couple of months as she has been shadowing me in the studio and taking some classes.  Jade will now be taking over the Wednesday evening sessions and she and I will be sharing the Saturdays; alternating each week.

We also have a new Instructor, Murilo.  He is a very talented and informed Pilates instructor and I am sure that you will all love working with him on both Mat and Reformer sessions.

April Challenge!!

Pilates is most effective when done consistently.  So, with this in mind we have decided to lay down a challenge to all of you to attend the studio 3 times a week for 4 weeks.  Doesn’t sound too hard does it?

All you need to do is register with Kari that you want to challenge yourself and makes sure you book your sessions!  Booking ahead and locking in the times will definitely give you the boost you need.  Everyone who completes the challenge successfully will get a prize!  Part of the prize will be the first week off our weekly membership should you wish to sign up.

Booking system

Well our new booking system went live on March 5th.  As expected we have had a couple of teething problems…nothing too major, thank goodness!  Some of the emails don’t seem to be received by our members with hotmail.com or live.com addresses, so if that you make sure you get in contact with me as we will need to set you up with a new password for the booking system.

New Sessions Added

With the addition of Murilo to our team we are now in a position to offer new and different classes to our schedule.  The back room has been freed up to allow for Mat Pilates sessions.  Both Murilo and I will be taking these sessions, starting with Tuesday evenings for now and expanding as the demand increases.  Being able to run Mat and Reformer sessions simultaneously has been something I have been working towards for a while now.  So, I am very excited!  Tuesday 10th of April is the expected start date for the Mat classes.  If you haven’t tried Mat Pilates before I encourage you to do so.  Additional to the Mat classes on a Tuesday, Murilo will be running Monday morning sessions at 6am and 7am ….so you can get your week started right!

We have also been asked to add a Mums and Bubs group to our list so this will be starting next Wednesday 4th April at 12pm.  All babies will be in a pram next to mums reformer and still remain the responsibility of mum.

PLUS… we are adding a Sunday afternoon session on a fortnightly basis.  These sessions will alternate between stretch, reformer, mat and meditation.  All your usual packages will be able to purchase these session.

[email protected]

Cupping is a physical therapy which can help with many physical and emotional ailments.  A flame is used to create a vacuum inside the glass cup prior to it being placed on the skin.  The skin is then drawn up into the cup drawing out the toxins, releasing the fascia and tension.

Cupping Therapy

Some of the benefits of Cupping are –

Cupping Reduces;
*Muscle tension/stiffness
*Joint pain
*High blood pressure
*Coughs, colds and allergy symptoms
*Toxins in the bloodstream

Cupping Promotes;
*Blood flow (circulation)
*Muscle and joint movement
*Improves conditions such as cellulite and stretch marks
*Overall feeling of wellbeing

Cupping appointments are available by calling the studio and are able to be booked during the day, Wednesday evenings and weekends.

We are an open book!

If there is a session day or time that you would like to see on the schedule then please do not hesitate to let us know.  We are always open to suggestions and you never know, someone else may have asked for the same time etc.  Please also make sure you have a chat to us if you have any concerns, newly acquired injuries or have found out that you are pregnant as we will need to modify your sessions to suit.

Thinking forward to next month…..MOTHER’S DAY!  Not everyone’s mum wants to do Pilates (although we think they should!) so we are going to extend our offer to your partners and friends – bring mum or a friend and if they purchase a 5 class pack then you get a 5 class pack to use for yourself (one month’s expiry). Stand by for more details when the time comes.

Hoping everyone enjoys their Easter break but most of all; stay safe!

See you at the studio soon!!