Why should I do Pilates?

September 24, 2017

Actually the question I hear more often is ‘Why do YOU do Pilates?’

Everyone has their own “WHY”, or at least they should.  My ‘why’ started when I was seeking treatment for bad hips.  Really bad.  I’m talking dislocated bad.  After an injury at about 6 years of age both my hips would dislocate at any given moment.  Was quite a party trick for a while as the head of the femur could actually been seen bulging forward from where it should have been.  Years of well meaning therapy later and I was left with arthritis, pain and minimal range of movement.

When I was in my twenties a friend suggested Pilates and we went together to the local gym for a group class.  I had never heard of it before and had no preconceptions of what to expect.  However, I also did NOT expect to be asked to leave the class midway through!!  My friend  and I found the exercises quite difficult

and responded in a fit of giggles.  This obviously clashed with the instructor’s ‘vibe’ of the class and she suggested that we continue our laughter at the local coffee shop.  We did!!  We also vowed to never do ‘Pretentious Pilates’ again!

Fast forward a year and another friend convinced me to try again.  Low and behold, I loved it!  The rest, as they say, is history.  Long time participant prior to training as an instructor and now a (very, very proud) studio owner.

Pilates can help anyone who is interested in improving their fitness and strength.

Some of  the many benefits are: improved balance and coordination, realignment of posture, strengthening of the lungs,  increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved body function, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation.

If you have tried Pilates and it didn’t have the right vibe for you I urge you to try again somewhere else.  Just as I did…. and boy am I glad I did!!