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Who are we?

Richmond Pilates is a boutique fitness reformer Pilates studio in the heart of Bridge Road, Richmond.
We use the authentic exercises devised by Joseph Pilates to provide you with a full body fitness routine.
Our sessions are inclusive of all fitness levels and body types.  Every session is capped at eight (8) members so we can focus on each person individual needs.

Each Pilates class is customised to your needs, whether you are a beginner or intermediate client, we have a class for you.

Have a look at our timetable for session times – and if the day and time you are after isn’t listed make sure you let us know. If there is enough demand we can add it to the schedule.

In addition to our Pilates classes we also offer one-on-one sessions for those who prefer, or require, a more specialised approach to their sessions. These can be arranged for times outside of our general class schedule by contacting Kari on 0433 763 367.

authentic reformers

authentic reformers


Packages for every budget

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Gift Certificates available

Gift Certificates available


Gift Certificate

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Mat Pilates
Monday is Optional – Pilates is not

Mat Pilates


Mat Pilates

Want the authentic workout of Mat/Floor Pilates? Join us for the classical exercises Joseph designed.


Post Natal Home Visits

Post Natal Home Visits

Post Natal Home Visits

Pilates at home

Building a strong core and pelvic floor is essential to rehabilitate the body after childbirth.



SCIATICA The torment of a shooting/tingling pain that starts in your butt and can run down the back of the leg, all the way underneath the foot to the big toe.  The pain point can stop anywhere along this nerve trail and can be very intense.  It can feel like a muscle cramp or even […]

Hey there Pilates People, Christmas is over, holidays have finished, kids are back at school, so it is time to get back to PILATES. Is your Pilates pack about to expire? All pack expiry dates were suspended when the infamous Covid19 closure hit Richmond Pilates. It seemed like the logical and fair thing to do. […]

Do you get a sore back sitting all the time? We talk a lot about the position of the spine in relation to the pelvis in Pilates.  But do you take this info into your daily life? During 2020 we found ourselves sitting more.  At a desk or table, on an inappropriate chair, or with […]

Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates, who devised the method did not call his system of physical fitness  Pilates . In his original 1934 book  Your Health Joseph Pilates described his method of achieving Health & Happiness  as Contrology . It wasn’t until much later that people started referring to it a Pilates.

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What do our clients say about us?

We welcome feedback from all of our clients.

Krista B.

“Richmond Pilates is a fantastic studio that uses reformer beds & traditional Pilates methods to offer an all over body work out. Kari is very professional & helps tailor each class to all fitness levels. Highly recommend!!“

Kris M.

“I’m new to Pilates and Kari makes the whole experience worthwhile and so enjoyable. Love my weekly Pilates session, I am getting so much out of it and already I can feel a difference!!!!“

Julia G.

“Best Reformer Pilates place in Melbourne! Absolutely loving it, great atmosphere with professional, fun and supportive instructors“


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You are welcome to come and watch a session prior to joining our studio if you wish. We ask that all observers be respectful of the session taking place and refrain from taking photos or video. Please arrive prior to the commencement of the session and, if not staying the entire time, please leave quietly.

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